Map your exit strategy and live your true purpose

Have me assess next steps for your career transition and generate strategy to live your purpose.

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Map your exit strategy and live your true purpose

Have me assess next steps for your career transition and generate strategy to live your purpose.


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 I know you don’t want to be in your current corporate position for the rest of your life.


Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

> You want to quit your job (and you’ve wanted to for a while). But figuring out how to make that happen quickly becomes overwhelming and confusing.

> Deep down, you know that it’s time for change. But you don’t want to do it at the expense of your family’s financial security and stability.

> You’re exhausted from feeling burnt out, tired, and anxious after working at a high pressure job for so long. But you don’t have the time or energy to plan out a transition.

> You feel like you have to choose between following your heart or being practical and safe. And so far, practical and safe wins every time.

The weight of all of the above is crushing your spirits day by day.

My friend, let me start by saying I HEAR you. 

I have so been there, too.

I’m also here to tell you that you’re not doomed to a life of playing safe at the expense of your own joy and fulfillment.

In fact, if you resonate with anything I’ve shared so far...

This is exactly the time to join The Great Resignation and begin crafting your corporate exit strategy and pursuing purposeful work you love

Stay with me and I promise your career path will never be the same again.

"Working with Tracey, I was empowered to consider a new vision for my life and what it would look like to leave my corporate job. I was shocked and excited to see how quickly I made a quantum leap into stepping into my vision for my dream life. As a result of working with Tracey, I've shifted and transformed into the best version of myself and I'm excited to create the life I want to live."


Vanessa Poirer

 To Map Your Exit Strategy and Activate Your Purpose, together we will cover:

Module 1: Pathways of Possibilities 

Your journey begins with momentum. We shift you out of burnout and fatigue and into possibility. You’ll get really clear on your vision and what the next steps are to take you there.


Module 2: Releasing Limitations

Next, you’ll expand your mindset. You’ll release limiting beliefs that are killing your confidence and rebuild new ones that accurately reflect just how capable you are. By transforming the way you think, you transform what’s possible for you.


Module 3: Re-Calibrate Your Past to Create Your Future

Without looking into your past, you never know what emotional blocks you’ll unconsciously carry with you in the future. Together we'll review how your past experiences have prepared you to step into your new career.



Module 4: Flow, Freedom, and Financial Abundance 

Then, you’ll get a complete financial overhaul. You’ll reframe your money mindset from scarcity to growth and create a plan for all aspects of your financial health—from a steady income to retirement plans to health care and more. 


Module 5: Empowered with Purpose

It’s time to activate your purpose! You’ll identify your true purpose in life, clarify your next action steps to actualize it, and find a rhythm to embody your purpose without burning out. 


Module 6: Craft Your Corporate Exit Strategy

In this final stage, you’ll develop a thorough and detailed exit strategy to safely, confidently, and joyously resign from your job. You’ll be fully equipped to take immediate action and have clear guidance for the path ahead.

Need more clarity of your next steps?

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"Working with Tracey has been nothing short of life-changing.  On our initial discovery call, she helped me see a vision of myself free from my corporate job and living my purpose.  I didn't know at the time what that looked like, but lo and behold, four months later I was leaving my job to start my coaching business having understood my calling and stepping into my purpose!  It's been more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined! 


Tracey is incredibly supportive, authentic, and genuine.  She definitely has super powers.  She helped me see my gifts and provided the safe space for me to begin to express them.  I wouldn't be where I am today without having been able to grow and evolve in this container!  It was truly transformational. 


I cannot recommend working with Tracey enough.  She has grown from a mentor into a friend, and I continue to expand the more I am in her space. I will be forever grateful for this experience coming into my life in the timing that it did.  And if you are considering working with Tracey in any capacity, I couldn't give a more glowing recommendation for you to follow that nudge!!" 


Steph Struthers

I landed my corporate job right out of university and worked there for 10 years. It was a coveted position in my small city. So I was certain I’d have to stay at my cubicle until I was 60, regardless of how deeply unhappy I was.

Trust me when I say, I completely relate to where you’re at right now.

But when my dad passed away, I realized how much I had agreed to settle. He didn’t even make it to his own retirement. All he knew were 10-12 hour days of working hard and waiting for that day to come. I asked myself...What if I died before I hit retirement? Would I want my corporate job to be the legacy I left behind? 

Deep down, I already knew the answer because I knew I had so much more to give. I didn’t want to spend 40 hours a week keeping a seat warm. I wanted to live. When I had my daughter, I was determined not to go back to my corporate job.

I spent my maternity leave building my side hustle, teaching meditation, and, ultimately, coaching people to discover their true purpose in life and connect to the best possible version of themselves.

I created The Purpose Activator because I believe you were meant to do more than spend decades just waiting for retirement. I believe you are here with a BIG purpose in your heart. You’ve known since you were a small child that you’re here to contribute meaningful work that will help elevate the world. 

Maybe you don’t quite know what that is yet. And that’s perfectly okay! Because I am here to help you find it and live your best life.

I believe that life is happening here and now. And we deserve so much more than what the corporate world has to offer us.

So if you feel like you can’t be yourself at work or that you can’t be seen, heard, and valued exactly as you are, The Purpose Activator is the missing piece you’ve been waiting for. Because I recognize and appreciate your unique gifts and strengths. It’s just a matter of finding the right way for them to be fully expressed.

And I can’t wait to see you step into the joyful, abundant, and successful version of yourself.

Are you ready to begin your pathway to purpose? Let’s do it together.

"Wow! Where to begin!?! Tracey as the facilitator was more transformative in my life than I ever could have imagined when I agreed to sign on! At first, I was nervous to make the investment in the program (and myself), but I quickly realized the mentoring and coaching by Tracey were just what the “doctor ordered.” 

Now, I’m advancing my personal business, and I’m well on my way to opening a holistic healing center in Delaware, USA with the goal of helping thousands of people on their wellness journeys!!! 

Tracey’s wisdom, support, patience, and kindness were invaluable!” 



Michelle McCann